Licensing & Compliance

  • LinkPlus is registered with the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment as per Employment Agency Act, 1971.
  • LinkPlus works in compliance with the statutory laws of the Republic of Ireland and is registered with the Employment and Recruitment Federation of Ireland.
  • LinkPlus is an equal opportunity recruitment agency and committed to eliminating any forms of discrimination, particularly those which are defined under the terms of the Employment Equality Acts, 1998 – 2015.
  • LinkPlus is committed to implementing equal opportunities in all its policies, practices and procedures, without discrimination on any grounds specifically the nine grounds covered by the above legislation.
  • These are:
    • 1. Gender
    • 2. Civil/Marital Status
    • 3. Family Status
    • 4. Sexual Orientation
    • 5. Religious belief
    • 6. Age
    • 7. Disability (mental, or physical, including antibody status)
    • 8. Race (colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin)
    • 9. Membership of the Traveller Community